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Copán Spanish Language Immersion School Honduras

The Copán Spanish School is the newest Spanish language immersion school in Honduras and its staff of teachers bring decades of teaching experience to help you learn in a one-on-one learning environment to communicate in Spanish at your speed and according to your learning style.

Our School Mission

We feel that women have much to offer society, by virtue of our patience, capabilities, common sense and wisdom. Through our cooperative called Copán Spanish School, our vision is to:

  • Provide outstanding service and Spanish instruction to our clients
  • Facilitate an exchange of cultures
  • Provide employment to female and male teachers who have the ability, motivation and enthusiasm to teach Spanish as a second language.
  • Provide employment and income to local families, and thereby to support local and national tourism.

It is our privilege as women to launch this cooperative and to provide to both society and our clients, a good example of service, honesty and dedication.