Copán Spanish School is situated within a block and a half from Copán Ruinas’ Parque central.

Copán Ruinas has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is situated along the “Ruta Maya” which contains many discovered ruins of an ancient Mayan civilization. For over 2000 years, people have lived here. Copán was the capital city of a major Classic period kingdom that existed from the 5th to 9th centuries CE. It is located in the Department of Copán in the Western part of Honduras, 10km from the border of Guatemala. Copán is a quiet, safe, and renowned cultural site of exceptional scenery and natural splendor, where you may enjoy an unforgettable stay.

The principal economic activity is tourism.  The area is also known for the production of excellent coffee and staple grains. The town itself is small and has a population of about 3,000 people (per Wikipedia) or 11,000 (per the 3 ladies).

The principal attractions are the archeological park (Mayan Ruins) and the two museums of Mayan culture and history. There is also a spectacular bird sanctuary. The town has all the services you would need including banks, ATMs, hotels, pharmacies, restaurants, a fruit and vegetable market, and communication services such as Wi-Fi.

As a result of its relatively small size, Copán experiences very little violence. The latter has been confined primarily to the larger cities, and has seldom been directed at tourists. It is considered safe to hike or ride on horseback in the surrounding mountains in the company of a guide, and to walk in the town itself at night.