My name is Tim Tower, a retired engineer from Seattle, WA. I started studying Spanish with these 3 ladies back in Dec 2008, while they were teaching at a school owned by a man. I returned a year later for more instruction with them. In total I have studied at 7 different schools in Guatemala and Copán. I am now an intermediate Spanish speaker. I would rate these three ladies among the most experienced and capable of all my 10+ teachers. They are hard working, dedicated and completely reliable and honest. They also have a good sense of humor and are fun to be with. Since 2009, I have maintained my lessons with Yarely over Skype. Feel free to email me at if you have questions. For photos of my recent visit to Copan by bicycle, see my blog.

Tim Tower

I studied with Yarely for a year while I was living in Copan Ruinas. Not only is she an excellent, patient, knowledgeable, and organized teacher, but she has become a very good friend. No matter your level of Spanish, beginner or advanced, you will come away from your time at Copán Spanish School with a rich experience of the culture and speaking/understanding more Spanish than ever before!

Ellen Finn

I have known Julia for almost two years as a teacher and as a friend. Julia’s gift as a teacher lies in the way she offers a challenging learning experience couched in patience, compassion, and humor. I recommend her highly to anyone who wants to improve their Spanish language skills.

Heather Sophia Lee

United States

I’m Kurt Berning, I’m from Oregon and recently completed a Fulbright Scholarship in the UK earning an MA in Education and Development. I first studied with Dunia in June of 2012 and spent a month learning Spanish in Copan. In that month my Spanish improved from beginner level to intermediate and I’m now comfortable in almost any Spanish conversation. I got to know all three of these ladies during my time in Copan, and I can speak with certainty about their skill as teachers, credibility as people, and dedication to helping students learn Spanish. Dunia and I have continued Spanish lessons through Skype for the past two years and our weekly conversations about work, family, faith, and life happenings are a highlight of my week. I live in Portland, Oregon and can be reached at if you have questions. I plan to return to Copan soon and visit. I’m currently writing an article about Copan Spanish School on my website,

Kurt Berning

Oregon, United States

I want to highly recommend the recently-opened Copan Spanish School in Copan, Honduras. A woman’s cooperative, Copan Spanish School has been established by three of the best and longest serving teachers of another Spanish school in town, and is the realization of a long-held dream to become self-employed, as well as months of preparation. The new school is located in the town center, classes are held on a newly renovated roof top terrace overlooking the Copan River Valley, complete with typical decor, tropical plants and a kitchen for refreshments during breaks. As important as its lovely ambiance is the school’s commitment to paying fair wages to teachers, staff and the families who provide student home stays. All teachers at Copan Spanish School are credentialed and boast many years’ teaching experience, as well as an excellent reputation among both their many devoted students, such as ourselves, and locals for providing high-quality classes and professional service.

Over the past four years, our family has come to Copan three times and taken classes with two of the three founding teachers, Julia Carranza and Dunia Dubon. We couldn’t ask for a better teaching or learning experience; classes are one-on-one and lesson plans are individualized to students’ levels and goals. For the three founding teachers, teaching Spanish is not merely a job, but a passion. In short, the newly-arrived Copan Spanish School is the culmination of many years of devotion to teaching, careful thought and hard work and is the clear choice for excellence in Spanish language classes in Copan. If you have questions about the school, teachers or visiting Copan, feel free to contact me by

I studied with Yarely and Julia in 2014 and they helped me greatly.  They included the essential information in practical methods.  They are very kind, funny, and know how to make the classesfun.  I highly recommend them regardless of what level of spanish one has before visiting.”

Carson Amos Stevens

Hello, I am female traveler, mid 40’s, who has travelled to Copan Ruinas three times now for the purpose of improving my Spanish. I first discovered Copan in 2011 when I went for three weeks. Dunia became my teacher during my second week there and I have never switched. Dunia, is an extremely experienced teacher who has a passion for teaching and inspiring her students. She and her family have become dear friends and I consider them to my Honduran family. During my times in Copan, I have come to know Julia and Yarely. Julia is my father’s teacher (I persuaded him to start Skype classes and he has now been Julia’s student for several years) and Yarely has taught a friend of mine who has been to Copan. In between my visits to Copan I also have weekly Skype classes with Dunia. All three are skilled teachers who recognized the need for a new school in Copan that offered first rate teaching and strong organization and attention to detail for their students. While I have not yet had the opportunity to visit them in their new school, I can vouch for the quality of teaching and care they will provide while you are studying at their school. Copan Ruinas is a beautiful and traditional town that readily welcomes visitors and tourists. My husband has no interest in learning Spanish so I travel alone to Copan. I have never felt unsafe there and quite the opposite, find the people of Copan to be warm, inviting and patient (with my Spanish). If you are looking for quality instruction, a home stay environment (there are hotels if you really want) and a town that offers just the right mix of tradition versus tourist amenities, you can’t go wrong with Copan and Copan Spanish School. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (Debbie) at


I studied with Julia in Copan for three fantastic months and then continued on with classes via Skype for a few years afterwards. She invited me in to her family and we are friends to this day. I would definitely recommend this school as a great place to learn Spanish and a very nice little town to hang out while you’re studying. Best of luck.

Amy Lamb

I have studied with all three instructors at the new Copan Spanish School. They are professional, experienced and dedicated to the success of their students. Without exception, they focus on their particular students’ needs and abilities, varying their approach accordingly. I highly recommend the Copan Language School for learning the Spanish language.

Lynda Noppe

Business Owner, Caledon, Ontario.

We would like to highly recommend the Copan Spanish School in Copan, Honduras. A woman’s cooperative, Copan Spanish School has been established by three of the best teachers in Copan Ruinas. This was a dream for these ladies to have their own business that can help others to learn, not only Spanish language, but also the culture. My family and I (5 of us total) spent 6 weeks working with Yarely, Julia and Dunia and have nothing but great things to say about them. We loved the relaxed outdoor atmosphere on the roof top terrace overlooking the town. The school was about a 10 minute walk from where we stayed, which by the way, was lined up for us by one of the teachers. Each of the 3 teachers has specific responsibilities to the business. If you need any help with anything while you are there, they will assist. We did several visits to local areas of interest including the Bird Sanctuary, Horse back riding, Hot Water springs, and the Ruins…Each time it was arranged for by Dunia. All teachers at Copan Spanish School are credentialed and boast many years’ teaching experience, as well as an excellent reputation among both their many devoted students, such as ourselves, and locals for providing high-quality classes and professional service.

During the six weeks there, our family was taught by different teachers, and all of us, without exception, learned a lot from each teacher. We couldn’t ask for a better teaching or learning experience; classes are one-on- one and lesson plans are individualized to students’ levels and goals. For Yarely, Julia and Dunia teaching Spanish is not merely a job, but a passion. In short, the Copan Spanish School is the culmination of many years of devotion to teaching, careful thought and hard work and is the clear choice for excellence in Spanish language classes in Copan. If you have questions about the school, teachers or visiting Copan, feel free to contact myself or my wife via email, as we pursue our hearts doing adoption/fostering ministry for the children of/in Santa Rosa de Copan, HN.

My email is and my wife’s email is

I would not hesitate to recommend Copan Spanish School. I stayed for one month and learned an incredible amount. All the teachers are very professional and make sure that we are happy with every aspect of our stay in Copan. The town is small, quiet and safe. I miss the calm and beauty very much. Dunia met me straight from the bus and took me to my homestay where  I was made to feel very welcome and relaxed. I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have ;

I recently attended (Jan. 2016) Copan Spanish School for two weeks. The teachers (Yarely, Julia, and Dunia) are all wonderful. It is very obvious they are not only great teachers, but they love what they do as well. Excellent, excellent Spanish language immersion school. You can not do better than this one. Copan is a great small town to visit….not too big, not too small, and totally safe for visitors. My only regret was that I could not stay longer.

Being in Copán Ruinas has been an amazing experience and Copan Spanish School has been part of what made it so wonderful. My teacher become more like family to me, helping me with any questions or concert, and caring for me like family. The school has greatly increased my Spanish speaking skills and has given me a firm understanding of the culture and way of life. The school also sets up activities for the students that teaches you culture and land and is a great way to bond with other students. My favorite was when they took as horse back riding threw the mountains and to a beautiful restaurant at the top, the view was breath taking and the experience is one I will never forget!! I would highly recomend the Copán Spanish School to anybody at any level of Spanish to expand their knowledge more. It was truly an amazing experience!! Thank you Copan Spanish School!!!

Your friend Samantha (