Each Friday the school makes available a list of activities for the following week. Instruction includes one free activity per week per student, of those on the list. In order to participate in a given activity, each student need only sign up on the roster. Some activities may change from week to week, and some may require a minimum number of students.

Horseback Riding:

Horseback riding is a worthwhile experience which allows a student to explore nature and to get to know the Indigenous culture in the company of a local guide.

Bird Sanctuary:
The Bird Sanctuary is a natural reserve in a beautiful location, where visitors may relax, enjoy nature and learn about local birds.

Hot Springs: (Eco Spa) (minimum sign-up required)
These are located 45 minutes away by car, along an unpaved road. A visit to these springs will improve your mental and physical well-being.

A Hike in the Mountains:
Normally this activity takes place only on the weekends, as the hike takes some time. It can be a worthwhile experience as it permits students to practice their Spanish at length with a local guide, while visiting scenic and remote natural areas.

Cooking Class:
The goal of the cooking class is to acquaint oneself with local Honduran cooking, through the preparation of local dishes.

There are two options:

  1.  Cook with a Chorti Mayan family.
  2.  Cook with teachers in the school.

“Salsa” Dancing Class (minimum sign-up required):
The school offers students the opportunity to attend a dancing class. This enables students to learn the popular Latino dance called Salsa.

Visit a Coffee Plantation (minimum sign-up required):
One of the principal harvests of this region is coffee. The school offers students the chance to observe the coffee production process step-by-step.

Visit a School in the Mountains:
The object of this activity is to spend time with kids in their Chorti Mayan community, reading stories and playing games with them.

Movie Night:
Students are able to enjoy a movie night. It provides a change of routine and an opportunity to improve one’s Spanish and interact with others.

An Afternoon at the Pool:
During summer, a refreshing activity is an afternoon at a local swimming pool, located in a private property.

Activities Which Students may Do on their Own (not organized by the School):

  • Visit the interactive museum of Mayan history and culture, called Casa K’inich (House of the Sun). This is a short walk from the Parque Central, and provides an excellent foundation for understanding Mayan history and culture
  • Take a Canopy Tour
  • Visit the Archeological Park (Mayan Ruins), its tombs and museum
  • Visit La Finca El Cisne (“The Swan” farm)
  • Visit La Finca Santa Isabel
  • Visit El lugar de té y chocolate  (The Tea / Chocolate place)