Instruction is centered on the student and is based on his/her interests, needs and method of learning. Instruction is 100% in Spanish (no Spanglish!)

  • The program is flexible with regard to duration, content and sequence.
  • Supplementary materials are designed to suit each student.
  • There is a scholarly atmosphere both inside and outside the classroom, which stimulates learning and interaction between cultures.
  • Classes are conducted with one teacher per student, also known as “1-on-1”. This method is the most efficient for achieving the desired grasp of the language in the shortest time, without a sense of competition between students.
  • Classes are conducted from Monday to Friday. Optional periods are 0800-1200 (8 am to 12 pm), or 1400-1800 (2 pm to 6 pm). Each includes a break of 20 minutes.
  • Each student receives a workbook, appropriate to his/her level.